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"You can either live as if nothing is a miracle, or everything is." Albert Einstein


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Estimated number of angels, according to physicists, that can dance in a row across a pinhead’s diameter, “Rockettes-style”: 10 to the 32nd (Harper’s Index)


what are the angels wearing tutus leotards ballgowns with feather boas are there fishnet stockings is there a Capezio store in heaven is dressing angels worse than dressing fleas for a circus do you have to worry about their wings can wings be folded do feathers smash are wings retractable is it chaos on the pinhead who is the choreographer does she mimic choreographers that have come before fossey maybe or is there a heavenly choreography does god take time out of her busy tuesday to attend rehearsal do angels show their legs do they wear makeup does somebody clamor for a solo is there room on the head of the pin what dance are they dancing hip hop modern jazz ballet tap can-can riverdance animation do they ever get blisters sore muscles do they ever get old do they get tired of being too small to be seen

Looking at my Paris art


Paris, 2014, acrylic on card

Dimitra rolled me through the Poo-poo more than once, but the first time, upstairs in the permanent collection, we found some later paintings from Louise Bourgeois’s Petite Maman.  Louise Bourgeois rocks serious admire into this feminist’s heart–ever seen the vid of her NY digs?  But this time around she spurred an homage, and even if I took the boobs in a different direction, unlinked, more or less, from motherhood, I still think of her every time I stumble across these.



Paris, 2014, acrylic on card

My Paris essay is up

JEHEiffelTower2 JEHinParis2014 JEHParis3 JEH6

Here at Jennifer Pastiloff’s blog, the Manifest Station, is my essay on traveling alone to Paris.

The Manifest Station

Psst. Pass it on. Call for creative non-fiction/essays/memoirs about LGBTQI battering.

I am editing a collection of personal essays tentatively called ‘I Looked at You’ about being battered in our LGBTTQI community, with an emphasis on Canadian writers. Please submit your 1000-4000 word essay to janeeatonhamilton@shaw.ca in the body of the email rather than as an attachment, along with a 100-word biographical note. Please pass this call along to your associates. Pseudonyms fine for publication. Deadline of Feb 1 2015. No poetry, no fiction, nothing academic, prefer first-person. Please note:  This is not a collection for those who have battered, but for those who have been battered.

Glad Day Books Nov 20

Join me and all these fabulous women reading at Glad Day Books in Toronto November 20.

JEH-TORONTO Glad Day poster

Pandora Collective presents Twisted Poets October 23 2014

Thursday 0ct 23
Pandora’s Collective presents
Twisted Poets with features Jane Eaton Hamilton , Susan Paddon + Open Mic
7pm-9:30 pm,
The Cottage Bistro 4468 Main Street Vancouver BC
Hosts: Chelsea Comeau + Bonnie Nish

Susan Paddon was born and grew up in St. Thomas, Ontario, attended McGill and Concordia in Montreal, and lived overseas in Paris and London before settling in Margaree, Nova Scotia. Her poems have appeared in Arc, CV2, The Antigonish Review and Geist among others.
Two Tragedies in 429 Breaths is a book-length series of poems written from the perspective of a daughter who reads Chekhov obsessively while spending a spring and summer caring for her mother, who is dying from pulmonary fibrosis. Th
rough the prism of the relationships in Chekhov’s work and life an honest, intimate, and even occasionally humorous portrayal of the energy we put into each other’s lives through deterioration and suffering.


Brick Books

Screen shot 2014-10-10 at 5.45.20 PMTwoTragedies-200x291

Russell Books reading


l-r: Julie Paul, Ariel Gordon, Arleen Paré, Jane Eaton Hamilton

I was so delighted last night to read from my new book for the first time with these amazing artists.

Absorbing, intriguing, touching reading in Victoria with the GG poetry nominee, Arleen Paré, reading from Lake of Two Mountains, Julie Paul reading from The Pull of the Moon, and Ariel Gordon reading from Stowaway. I was in such good company! Thanks very much to Russell Books and Vanessa Herman.  Look at how beautiful Russell Books is with its wall to wall vintage books; Victoria is lucky indeed.  (And oh, the delicious reading ahead as I read all these collections.)  It was a special treat to read in front of Patricia Young, my editor for the book.  You would think, nah–if anyone knows all my literary flaws, it’s her–but I shook through the whole thing.  I think it was something like having to make your parent proud.

Oh my. A carton of my new books.

The new book

It has sexy red flaps.  Thanks, Caitlin Press, and thanks, Catrin Welz-Stein for such a beautiful cover image.

Pushcart Prize nomination

Screen shot 2014-10-06 at 11.35.00 AM

Some days are funner than others.  This one, say, where I got a Pushcart nomination and also I get to hold my new book in my hands for the first time.

Thank you, Ocho.  Thank you, Caitlin Press.

Ocho Pushcart Nominations

What’s awesome? You are, Brick Books.

I don’t think it’s any secret that I’ve got a crush on Brick Books, the publishing house that published my first and second poetry collections, and Kitty Lewis, the most-able and hard-working manager in this country.  Stan Dragland, founder and editor, dragged me out of a pile of Writer’s Reserve grant applications a long long time ago and got me thinking about having a book someday–at the time when I was a committed fiction writer not a poet.  And now Brick is getting their authors together to make resource pages for students:  Student Portal.  This is going to be a wonderful resource.  Here’s my page:  Jane Eaton Hamilton.

Go to Brick and check out all their amazing writers.

20 Residencies to Rock Your Writing World

Via Amy Gigi Alexander and The Write Life comes this great list of writers’ residencies.  Happy applications!

Also, it should be said that if I were a writer or visual artist starting out, the Provincetown Fine Arts Work Center would be where I would want to end up for a 7-month residency.

Art–working with black paper/white paint

Always available for purchase…

JEHblackpaper12 JEHblackpaper2 JEHblackpaper3 JEHblackpaper4 JEHblackpaper5 JEHblackpaper6 JEHblackpaper7 JEHblackpaper8 JEHblackpaper9 JEHblack1JEHblackpaper10

Love Will Burst into a Thousand Shapes


It’s released!

Pick it up at your local independent bookstore…

Caitlin Press

Russell Books in Victoria

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Book Launch at Russell Books, Victoria!

Arleen Paré, Julie Paul, Jane Eaton Hamilton, Ariel Gordon

Tuesday, October 7 at 7:30pm

WORD Vancouver

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WORD fest panel 2014

What an articulate group of writers.  It was my honour to be among them.


Sunday Sept 28 3:15 pm The Importance of Diversity in the Publishing Industry
With Jordan Abel, Anna Ling Kaye, Raymond Nakamura, Jane Eaton Hamilton, and Sirish Rao. Moderated by Andrea Routley.

Jordan Abel

Ricepaper Magazine

Raymond Nakamura’s Peach Girl

Sirish Rao

Andrea Routley

Word Vancouver

This Sunday at 3 pm I’ll be participating in a diversity panel at the festival.  Come join us!

Guide Available Here

Reading, this coming Sunday, Sept 21

Screen shot 2014-09-18 at 12.22.41 AM

Hey, y’all.  Come on out for Poetic Justice this coming Sunday at the Heritage Grill in New West from 3-5 pm.  An afternoon of poetic delights.

Quick links to some of my work:

Smiley, short fiction, CBC Canada Writes, 2014

Bird Nights, short fiction, Numéro Cinq, 2012; Siécle 21 (Paris), 2014

List ten short stories you’ve found memorable…

Pam Houston has done it.  Salmon Rushdie has done it.  Come on, everybody.  Jump onboard.  Which short fictions have had the most impact on you?

Here are some of mine:

Sarah Cole: A Type of Love Story, Russell Banks

People Like That are the Only People Here, Lorrie Moore

A Good Man is Hard to Find, Flannery O’Connor

A Worn Path, Eudora Welty

The Year of Getting to Know Us, David Leavitt

A Small, Good Thing, Raymond Carver

Meneseteung, by Alice Munro

Edison, NJ, by Junot Díaz

Hills Like White Elephants, Earnest Hemingway

Selway, Pam Houston

My Lucy Friend Who Smells Like Corn, Sandra Cisneros

Nashville Gone to Ashes, Amy Hemple

We Walked on Water, Eliza Robertson

The Things They Carried, Tim O’Brien

Father, Lover, Deadman, Dreamer, Melanie Rae Thon

Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been, Joyce Carol Oates
White Angel, Michael Cunningham

Why I Live at the P.O., Eudora Welty

Gold Star, Siobhan Fallon


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